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Webtrack overview

Webtrack systems is a unique advance in WWW technology. If you want to have a web presence (as distinct from a mere website), you will be wanting to use this web presence to communicate with your existing audience. Webtrack's unique trackback features will allow you to address your audience with an integrated approach.

first there is an emailing system.

Addresses are stored in an address books, and personalised. No more "Dear Sir" type emails. Each recipient can be greeted exactly how you decide. Next, the database is subdivided into "interest groups". The groups are completeley flexible, and any member of your audience, ie an email recipient can be a member of any number of groups. You must have at least one interest group.

Emails are composed in Webtrack's editor or you can cut and paste from your favourite editor into Webtrack's mail composer. Each mailout that you send is called a campaign. The initial email is called the campaign template. After you have saved the campaign template you perform an emailmerge. Remember the old mailmerge?

The emailmerge takes a campaign email, merges it with an interest group, sending out the email to all the members of the interest group, ie your audience. Webtrack keeps track of which campaign mailouts have been sent to whom. Webtrack does not allow a recipient to receive duplicate copies of a campaign mailout.

then there is the web.

You can place the bulk of your campaign up on the web including graphics if necessary, using Webtrack's Web page editor, or you can cut and paste from your favourite web / html editor into our edit window. Web pages may be grouped into topics.

Webtrack provides you with a content management system which enables you to directly edit your web pages – inhouse, in seconds. This alone gives you unlimited flexibility compared with the "good old days" of uploading specially prepared web page using ftp.

Web pages may be designated with one of three levels of security – public, registered users, and restricted. Your audience members can register themselves, or if you prefer, you can register them onto the registered users list. Only you can control who are on the restricted users list. Your campaign web pages do NOT necessarily have to be on your own website. They might for example be on the website of your event manager, or some educational website (Ask and we'll explain). You may want your audience to link to a newspaper article.

secondlastly ... web /email integration.

The campaign emails automatically integrate to your campaign website. Your email will have a "click here" which will take the reader to your campaign. It might be a fundraiser, or a piece of product information, or a piece of product warning. The emails can optionally send an SMS text message to each recipient informing her that an important email has been sent to her, or an important piece of new information has been placed on the website.

lastly – the statistics

By viewing the access logs (using Webtrack's view facilities) you will be able to see how many of your audience have responded to your campaign. How long did it take for them to respond? When did they respond? Did they look at any other web pages while they were responding?

And Much MUCH more. You will need to speak to one of our sales reps to understand exactly how much more powerful this system is than anything you have dreamed about.

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