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Webtrack is an on-line Web Content Management System (CMS)and community management tool with "Track-Back" technology.

Webtrack allows you to :

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If you have fundraisers, marketing campaigns, political campaigns or virtually any type of event or audience that you need to communicate with and to would like to track the results of, Webtrack can assist.

Increasingly people are beginning to realise that the revolution in email communication will have run its course in a few short years from now. This has come about as a result of the large amount of SPAM and the general oversaturation of the medium.

What we can look forward to is a decreasing reliance on email, and an ever growing reliance on Web technology.

Webtrack provides the transition from 20th to 21st century www technology

You have probably invested time and money in developing a really great web page, and you look at the hits, and you wonder whether it was worth it all. How can you draw more people to your website? The standard answer is to put more time and money into fine-tuning your website so that it has a higher google ranking. But there are so many other organisations doing exactly that.

The answer is simple:

These two points are the cornerstone of Webtrack's approach. You place important material onto your website, you then draw your audience to the information with a short email. This will far outweigh any effort you put into increasing your google rankings.

For more information go to webtrack overview.

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